• Yes, we have 24 hour reception service.

• Yes we do laundry, cost $4.000 COP per kilo. Put your clothes in a bag with your name, number of room and bed and leave them where the washing machine is, you will find them clean on your bed. It normally takes half a day.

• Where can you find plastic bags? In the guest kitchen under the dish rack there is a drawer that says BAGS. You can put bags there too!!

• The nearest ATM…. Leave the hostel, turn right, at the corner turn right, walk one block, cross the street, you will see a big white building called Continental Hotel, in the first floor you will see a BBVA ATM.

• Yes you can put your bags in the storages we have, one for long term and other for short term. FREE!

• Be aware that on Sundays almost everything is closed, so make sure you sign up dinner or buy some food before 7pm.

• We wash towels if we think they´re not being used so if yours is missing come and ask for another.

• You want to print something?? Copy and paste in a word file and attach it to an email and email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will print it for you…price: $400 COP

• Yes you can make phone calls. If it is a landline in Bogota it’s free. If it’s a cell phone ask at reception for the phone…price: $400 COP per minute.

• Yes you can ask for music you want to listen to.

• Is it dangerous around here???  Yes if you walk around showing to everybody your camera and iPhone and how much money you have!! Best thing is to walk looking around, showing you are aware of what´s happening next to you.

• Breakfast is available from 8am until 12.30pm weekdays, 10am to 1.30pm weekends


Spanish lessons are available – ask in reception