The hotel is arranged on three floors at the seaside. On the ground floor, apart from the reception, there is a comfortable lounge where you can sit and drink tea.

En The Cranky Croc es imposible aburrirse, tenemos los mejores espacios dentro del hostal y los mejores planes fuera de él.

¡The Cranky Croc es la mejor opción para todas las personas que nos quieran visitar!

Tours en la ciudad

¿En busca de una experiencia gastronómica inolvidable?, ¿o tal vez de probar las mejores cervezas artesanales de la ciudad? Con nosotros puedes conocer los lugares más icónicos de la capital.

Noche de BBQ

In our hotel you become a free WiFi to stay in touch with your relatives and friend while resting.


We also have a private beach where you can swim at clean sea water, suntan and have a refreshing drink.


Luviana provides all guests with required amenities to make their experience at our hotel unforgettable and pleasant. We care about your staying here and arranged all facilities you need for comfort and not stressful rest here.

King Beds
Air conditioning
Smoking Free

Our amenities

Boat Tours

A huge variety of yachts for you to choose and to participate in splendid boat tour through the most beautiful bays with breath-taking landscapes – all these you can get at hour hotel. We provide the most unique activities to diversify your vacation.

To have such a tour all you need is to call receptionist and to inform about your longings. The rest we will organize ourselves for your unforgettable trip!

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